Blackjack Switch – A Game of Matches and Better Hands

As we delve deeper into the rich selection of Blackjack variations, we come across an example which is provides even more opportunities for payouts – the Switch. Playing this game lets you hold two hands per seat, swap cards between those hands and make a side bet in which you can win money from landing cards of the same type. Never before have there been such convenient ways to adjust your playing strategy. The online version of Switch that we would like to recommend you is the one developed by Playtech and in the paragraphs below we shall use its rules and features as an example for the game in general.

Switch Rules and Features Makes it Stand Out

Despite having the same basic rules as the classic game, this variant almost feels like you're conning the dealer by swapping your cards. The reason behind what makes Switch so enticing for players are its radical deviations from standard Blackjack rules, its features and the influence all of these factors have on the house edge.

Switch Rules and How They Vary

The rules of switch blackjack

In most cases there are 6-8 decks used in the game.

  • You have to make two main bets of equal size before you start.
  • The dealer can check for Blackjack if his/her up-card is a 10 or an Ace.
  • You play with two hands at once. They're played separately and you can choose to either hit, stand, double or split them. Each has equal chances of winning or losing.
  • You have an insurance option for dealer's blackjack which pays 2:1.
  • An extra action in Switch is to swap the top cards of your hands in order to improve them. If let's say you had 10-7 and 9-Ace, you can switch them to 10-Ace and 9-7 which already leaves you with one good combination.
  • If a dealer gets 22, instead of going bust, they get a “push” against all players except the ones with a Blackjack who still win.
  • A blackjack pays 1:1
  • If you switch your hand to form a Blackjack it doesn't count as one. Rather it becomes a regular 21 which can be beaten by a dealer's 22.
  • The dealer always hits on a soft 17.
  • Doubling can be done at any point, including after splitting
  • There is no surrender in Switch.
  • You have a “Super Match” side bet in which you match cards of the same type.

The influence of the Features and House Edge

Compared to other Blackjack games (Pontoon and Progressive Blackjack), Switch has a fairly low casino advantage. If you use effective strategy it can decrease to 0.58%. That percentage rises to 0.60% for eight deck play. Other aspects that will increase the house edge are the 22 push, the 1:1 Blackjack payout and the dealer hitting on soft 17. What makes up for these factors is the switch option.

The feature that is the most valuable part of Switch is the “Super Match” side bet. You have a small separate field in the center where you can wager whether or not you'll get some matching cards in your next hand. The payouts for winning this bet are as follows:

  • 1 pair – 1:1
  • 3 of a kind – 5:1
  • 2 pairs – 8:1
  • 4 of a kind – 40:1

Despite being a side bet and giving the house an advantage, the Super Match is still optional just like all extra wagers and can be a game changer if you're lucky.

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Winning Strategies in for the Switch

Counting cards in this game is out of the question if you're playing an all digital RNG version. This only works for live versions with real dealers. Instead what you should focus on is managing your playing time, breaking up your bankroll into small equal portions and using Basic strategy.

Switch's basic strategy consist of a chart very similar to that of the classic game's. You can consider it a cheat sheet that tells you in what cases to stand, hit, split and double. Keep in mind that this tactic works only for your main bets, not the side ones. Its distribution consists of variations of your hard, soft hands and pairs on the left and the dealer's up-cards at the top. The charts' body are the actions you can take marked with a single letter each.

Availability for Online Playing

Playing Switch online is a fully RNG experience without live-dealer tables. It was Playtech that first bought the rights to develop the game for web play and since then it has improved the different features of its variant significantly such as graphics, gameplay smoothnes and customizable options. In addition, the provider has optimized Switch to be available for mobile devices. You can choose between instant web browser play and downloadable casino apps which can be found on the iOS and Android platforms.

Time to “switch things up” with Blackjack Switch

Whether you're a veteran or a novice player, you are a person who is always looking for a hot new game to give you that buzz you're craving for. With the card swap option and the Super Match in this new variation of Blackjack, you feel like you are ready to take on the world. If you're looking for an escape from mundane gameplay then perhaps Switch might offer you the satisfaction you are looking for.