An Introduction to the Best Online Blackjack Casinos

Blackjack is one of the most popular games you will find at your local casino: the rules are easy, the chances are high and with basic strategy you can boost the possibility of earning money. And now with the convenience of online platforms, you can do it from home.

The operators on our list are selected not just to match your expectations but also to protect you from fraud sites, personal information theft and give you details about the games, bonuses, payment methods etc. In Blackjack decision making is vital and information is your best weapon. We will arm you all you need to know to find the best site.

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Miami Club
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Sloto Cash
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Red Kings
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N/A Gibraltar
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Choosing the Blackjack Casino That Is Right for You

As the amazing world of the internet progresses so do ways of earning money from it, scamming becomes common. To prevent that and find the site or app you desire, you need to the following:

  • Gambling license and regulation;
  • Тested and approved software from a well-known developer;
  • Сafe payment and accepted methods;
  • Contact details for customer service and a FAQ section.

Looking at License and Regulation

Since cyberspace has a lot of scammers you need a way to know which site is trustworthy. To do that you must find the logo of a jurisdiction that licenses and regulates such businesses which is usually placed at the bottom of a site. The UK gambling commission is a good example.

As each country decides what kind of restrictions and regulations to put on online gambling there are 8 countries that make it illegal. Depending on the regional laws, you should check whether the site or app is approved and if you’re allowed to play from your current position.

Another thing to do is check if your connection is secure. This is an encrypted connection that will prevent all outside third parties from stealing any of your personal data. You can check if the site has that in the address bar.

Using Tested and Approved Software from a Well-Known Developer

To enjoy a game online, it would be beneficial to know the most reputable companies and laboratories that make and test them. That way you can see which of these establishments offer safe and fair software with a variety of choice and quality. These factors matter a lot when it comes to your experience because of the possibility for bugs and crashes during play and the security of your funds. What’s useful to know is that reputable online casinos make licensed deals with big time game developers, buying only the best games which have passed all tests. As to who the providers are, you can check on the following list:

Managing Your Funds

Most sites and apps require registration to ascertain your age and process your transactions. If the online operator is licensed you can rest assured that you’ll stay in control of your money.

Depositing and withdrawing funds are mostly done through debit or credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard with American Express on occasion. Paypal and other e-wallets is another way to do it. In some websites you can choose the option “pay by mobile”. It is a method where you can use up to $30 in the casino and have it billed to your phone later.

Some sites might put restrictions over the amount you deposit and withdraw. This is done to impose a lowest to highest limit of betting or due to difficulty in transferring a large amount of winnings. However, in some cases you are given the opportunity to put a limit on how much money you can deposit and play for the day. Whatever the case is, make sure to read the rules of betting and monetary transactions.

Contact Details for Customer Service and a FAQ Section

Sometimes you might come across a little stump such as not receiving a withdrawal of winnings from the casino. In cases like this your only method of fixing it is good customer support. That is why finding a site with a phone, chat box or email for contact is important. Keep in mind that the employees that answer your questions have working hours and the time zone matters if the casino is based in another country. If a FAQ section is present, you can always check if the answer to your question is there.

Your Gaming Options

Each site provides a variety of games from video slots which you can play on your phone or computer to live games such as Blackjack which has a real dealer, and you can play in real-time with a video feed and chat box. Well-made online slots are not much different from their machine counterparts and very profitable cyber-casinos have between 130 and 200 games.

Mobile Gaming for Your Phone

Playing blackjack on mobile app

As smartphones become commonplace so does gambling on them. Just like with your PC, you can simply login from your mobile and place some bets via your browser. However, that way of playing poses a lot of issues:

  • All games require a Flash Player which phones do not have.
  • The site itself is difficult to navigate through.
  • The loading time is long.

To fix this, app versions must be created with a simple more compact design, larger clickable items, a simplified menu etc. Due to legal issues however, it was only recently that casino phone apps been allowed on the Android platform by Google Play, seeing as the rest were available on iOS devices. Now blackjack on the go can be played from every device.

Playing Live Games with Real Dealers

Playing live blackjack with real dealer

As mentioned above, through live chat and video feed, live blackjack games have become even more convenient than on site casinos. From roulette to card games like Baccarat and Blackjack, a dealer does the actual spins or card distribution from a studio while the person on the other side of the screen watches and clicks on a digital menu what he/she wants to do, retaining full anonymity. Each game has its own minimum deposit limit and determines the maximum number of players that can play at a time such as Blackjack which allows up to 7 seats.

The best part of this live play is the fact that there are often studios that hire dealers who can speak various languages such as Russian, German, French, English and more. So, depending on what is available, you can choose the language you feel the most comfortable with speaking.

Bonuses You Can Take Advantage of in Online Sites and Apps

When you enter the main page, you probably notice all these “Bonus” adds wherever you click. The most common bonus is the “New player” one where you get free spins for slot games. Another one is the “match-up” where sometimes when you deposit money to gamble, you get a certain extra amount on top of it from the casino. 100% more means that if you insert $100 from your bank account you get 100 more from the establishment. However as that happens, you enter a wager. You have $200 total and you must play and earn 10 times more to cash out. Other match-up bonuses are 50%, 200% and 300% with varying wagers. Know that you have a deposit cap for each bonus.

Things to Take Notice When Playing Blackjack Online

When you go in to play blackjack there are certain things that you should do beforehand:

The Rules

No matter if it’s for fun or money betting, a game must be known at the very least to a basic extent before learning its intricacies with experience. There are plenty of how to videos and articles out there, go learn the rules of blackjack, what actions you can take while playing and strategies you can employ. The rules vary for the different types of blackjack games, like Progressive Blackjack, Pontoon or Blackjack Switch.

The Right Game for You

Being an enthusiast, you must choose a game that fits your player’s tastes and one with favorable conditions. There is live blackjack if you want to see an actual dealer handling your cards and software blackjack which is a completely digital version of the game. See if side bets are allowed and if the game lets you bet large sums or there is a certain limit to how much you bet per hand.

Gamble Responsibly

One should never do so when they don’t have much money to begin with. Because of the risks you should always pace yourself and make sure you have plenty to spend.

Know When to Stop

Continuing from the previous point, other than moderation there should be a limit to how much you play. When it’s time to stop you should do so. And even in the case where it’s hard, there are casinos that offer a setting where you can give yourself a time or fund limit where you automatically log off once you reach that limit. Check out our page for blackjack tips and tricks before you start playing.

In Summary

There are plenty of options for you to have a good time with some blackjack online. Your security takes precedence so watch out for license logos, the secure connection sign on the upper left and choose operators such as the ones we recommend. Gambling can be tricky so be smart, exercise control and you might just win some money.